We provide software development services and specialized technology expertise to support our client's business.

Expertise as a service

Our customers are the best in their business. We are software development professionals.

As software developers, we offer our expertise in the development of business-critical applications and the information systems that support them.

Software development

Software development

We take responsibility for all your software development needs or provide what you need at any given time. Our software developers work as part of your company's development team or alternatively the entire team is part of us.

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We offer solutions that utilize artificial intelligence for use by companies and public organizations. Our AI consulting service tells you how you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence in your company's business.

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Internet of Things

With IoT systems, we increase the efficiency of our customers production, reduce losses and improve quality.

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Logistics solutions

Our mobile applications cover inventory management and internal logistics solutions, as well as transportation and logistics control solutions for the driver and travel organizers.

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Why choose us?


Years of experience

We are a software house specializing in application development and consulting with over 20 years of experience in demanding software solutions.


Satisfaction guarantee

Our customers can be completely satisfied with our services. With our expertise, schedule and costs keep up.


Software developers

We are an ever-growing family of companies that currently includes about 25 application developers.

What our customers
say about us?

“Our cooperation with Sovelluskehittäjät has continued since the turn of the millennium. We have been pleased, for example, when innovations or needs have come to us, Sovelluskehittäjät has been able to implement them.”
DB Schenker
Juha Uusitorppa, järjestelmäpäällikkö
DB Schenker
“The absolute strengths of the operation have been availability and flexibility. Sovelluskehittäjät have always helped us when asked, and even small resource needs have been approached dynamically and flexibly. For us, this cooperation and operating model has become a permanent way of working. ”
Miska Visuri, CEO
VividWorks Oy
“We looked at several commercial production control systems, but they were too massive and did not fit our production. Sovelluskehittäjät built us a simpler production control application specifically tailored to Fenix Marin’s production. I like that the system is flexible and is tailored for us. That's exactly what we need.”
Juha Santamäki, Tuotantopäällikkö
Fenix Marin Oy
“Celesta has been modified into our own system, and the most recent implementations related to production reporting took place in May 2018. The utilization rate of the functions in which Celesta is currently involved is currently about 90%, which is a good result in such a short period of time. Our employees have been pleased with the new system, as it speeds up and simplifies daily reporting. Further co-operation with Sovelluskehittäjät has been planned for other functions as well.”
Jani Frantsila, Logistiikka- ja IT-päällikkö
Thermisol Oy