We are constantly looking for skilled and well-attended employees to be part of our team.

Looking for a new direction for what you do? Do you want to be among the software development professionals?

Our goal is to provide every software developer with a workplace where work and leisure are balanced and the work tasks also support each person's personal goals in the best possible way. In this respect, we are certainly flexible.

As a company, we want to grow, we have recruited several new developers over the past month and are still looking for more. Experts who have already gained experience or skilled people with a shorter career. More established or still seeking their own path.

You can join us right away or we can agree to actively seek out a role that suits you, which you can move on to when the moment is right for all parties. The most important thing is that supply and demand meet at the right time.

There is a need for a wide range of skills in a wide range of roles. We want to get to discuss the subject, so feel free to get in touch, even if you’re not even looking for a new job right now.

Of course, we offer salary for work, employee benefits and a comfortable work environment, but above all, we want to offer you the right way to work. For example, at an office, at a customer, or remotely. In the morning or evening. Choose yourself.

We are looking for new software developers!

If you are or intend to be an software development professional,
Contact us!

Haemme uusia sovelluskehittäjiä

Are you already a software development professional?

If your contact leads to direct recruitment and an employment contract valid for the time being, we will pay you a direct recruitment fee of up to EUR 3,000 *.

* the one-time bonus is paid after the probationary period of the current employment contract *

3000 euron rekrytointipalkkio

Want more information?

Questions and applications to Juha.

Employee benefits

Of course, we offer salary for work, numerous employment benefits and a comfortable work environment, but above all, we want to offer you the right way to work.

Signature fee

In direct recruitments 3000 Eur after the trial period.

Rewarding pay system

Takes into account competence and experience.

Flexible working hours

Opportunity to influence your own working hours.

Occupational health services

Extensive service content.

Incentive benefits

Mobile lunch, vouchers, newspapers and massage benefits.

Coffee and water service

Coffee and water freely available at the office.

Bicycle benefits

Possibility of a work bicycle.

Free parking

Possibility of free parking and heating in the parking garage.

Common activities

Together agreed activities.

What do our software developers say about us?

"Our team is absolutely top notch. There is room for quieter and more talkative. At work and in the work community, everyone has good opportunities to grow and influence themselves and the atmosphere is relaxed”
Jyri Annunen
Jyri Annunen
“I have young children, so flexible working hours have made it possible to reconcile the needs of the family and the employer so that both benefit. When it has been the busiest of all at home, reduced working hours and remote working have been effortless.”
Mikko Joensuu
Mikko Joensuu