AI solutions

We offer software solutions that use artificial intelligence for companies and public organisations. Our AI consultation service tells you how you can define the opportunities of AI in your business operations. Isoft.ai Oy, part of the Sovelluskehittäjät Group, develops AI solutions.


Chatbots can carry out similar repetitive tasks in many different service channels in place of people and, therefore, making work quicker and easier, for example, in customer service, sales and various search services. Bots rarely make mistakes and never have a bad day. 


Our voice solutions produce better customer experiences and a high-quality, nearly real-time, voice close to the human voice.


Cvision platform allows you to quickly implement computer vision solution based on customer’s own product images and linked identification labels like product Id and product categories. 

Fast implementation and Deployment

The completed solution can be implemented quickly just in few weeks, according to the customer’s requirements. Our product platform offers versatile services for building, teaching and integrating the artificial intelligence model into the customer’s business operations

Reliable Technology

In our product platform, we utilize the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technologies that are based on decades of research

Business cases

Cvision solutions can be utilized in any solution that requires product identification based on company’s own product images.

The solution can be used, for example, in the intelligent search for spare parts and product information.

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