Logistics applications

Our Celesta apps for logistics range from storage management and internal logistics solutions to transportation and logistics control solutions, designed for drivers and transportation planners.

Our cloud-based and mobile solutions improve operational efficiency by up to 20 per cent, reduce the number of errors and increase accuracy. For our customers, this stands for high-quality customer service and an ability to adapt to ever-changing business needs.

Our Celesta Plan solution can be used on all devices (Android, iOS, Windows) and it is quick to install. The user interface can be used in browsers and applications. Stock levels and production can be monitored and controlled in real time, improving operational efficiency and reducing the number of errors.

For the control of transportation and logistics, we provide our Celesta Plan solution for transportation planners and supervisors and our Celesta Mobile solution for drivers. The real-time monitoring of resources, orders and the status of the fleet on a map makes transportation planning easier. The vehicle app for drivers enables comprehensive plans, resources and schedules for improved operational efficiency


Our cooperation with the Sovelluskehittäjät Group has continued since the start of the new millennium. We have been satisfied with our partnership; whenever we have needed innovation or anything else, Sovelluskehittäjät has fulfilled our needs.

Juha Uusitorppa, system development manager, DB Schenker
Sovelluskehittäjät schenker truck

Celesta was customised to form part of our system, and the most recent deployments related to production reports were carried out in May 2018. The utilisation rate of the functions in which Celesta is used is close to 90 per cent, which is a great result over such a short period

Jani Frantsila, logistics and IT manager, Thermisol Oy
Sovelluskehittäjät thermisol cube

“We are now able to send information about estimated delivery times to our customers using text messages. With Celesta, our logistics planners can always see the current locations of the vehicles of our subcontractors on a map. It is also possible to exchange messages with the subcontractors when necessary. This project has been highly successful.”

Janne Latvala, logistics manager, Ruukki Construction Oy
Sovelluskehittäjät ruukki truck

Every year, we produce an average of 20 million metres of base mouldings, panels and floor boards. Using this new internal logistics solution, we can control and monitor the production, picking and delivery of customer orders in a transparent way

Raine Luukko, managing director, E.T. Listat Oy
Sovelluskehittäjät code

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