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Sovelluskehittäjät Group consists of three companies specialising in IT. Deveteam Oy, Isoft.ai Oy and Identoi Oy offer a service range which includes the services every customer needs for any part or stage of application development.

IDENTOI Oy is a software company with more than 15 years of experience. Its services include:

  • Mobile ERP solutions for internal logistics, storage management and transportation based on a device-independent Celesta app.
  • IoT solutions and RFID that help to monitor and boost production efficiency, reduce wastage and improve quality, wirelessly.

Isoft.ai Oy offers AI software services that improve customer experiences. These include: 

  • Multi-channel chatbots based on a product platform or highly customised chatbots. Chatbots learn from their users and are available round the clock, offer quick, easy and high-quality services.
  • Text-to-speech bots that automatically produce high-quality voice data that is easy to publish from RSS and/or HTML sources.
  • Speech recognition bots that support Finnish speech recognition on mobile devices and computers by using the speech recognition services of Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
  • Consultation service which makes the deployment of AI easier for companies.

Deveteam Oy is a specialist in web and mobile development. Its services include

  • The design, development and testing of web applications using front-end and back-end web technologies.
  • CMS solutions and specialist services for the development of demanding WordPress and Drupal solutions.
  • The development of mobile apps for native Android and iOS operating systems and HTML-based apps.
  • Service consulting to make the deployment of applications quicker and easier



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One of the key goals of the Sovelluskehittäjät Group is to achieve significant growth in the range of AI, IoT and logistics applications. We are always looking for skilled talent with a hard-working attitude.

Currently, we are looking for people to fill the following full-time positions:

  • Application developer, back-end developer
  • Application developer, UX developer

If you feel that you are exactly what our team needs, send us an open application or ask for more about the careers we offer by contacting our CEO Sakari Vaara sakari.vaara@sovelluskehittajat.fi+358 40 553 9347.

"Our team at Sovelluskehittäjät is just the best! During our summer and winter parties, we have, in addition to the usual gold, archery and fine dining, gone climbing, sailed on Oulujoki, played paintball or rented a cabin for the whole weekend at Ruka. At Sovelluskehittäjät, we have excellent opportunities to have our voices heard, we have a relaxed atmosphere and we can grow along with the company. When I was looking for a job, Sovelluskehittäjät stood out from the rest as an employer, also with the stability brought by several companies working together."

Jyri Annunen, Sovelluskehittäjät
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I have a family with small children, so the flexible working hours have made it possible to combine the needs of familylife and employer for the best outcome for everyone’s benefits. When my family needs me at home the most, working shortened hours or working from home has been an easy solution. Working from home or teleworking in general is also a benefit for the employer, since working at home might be more efficient due to less interruptions during the day.

Mikko Joensuu, Sovelluskehittäjät

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