IoT and RFID

Our smart IoT and  RFID solutions boost the productivity and increase the quality in the business processes of our customers. 

Wireless monitoring boosts operations, facilitates planning, reduces wastage and improves quality.

Wireless sensoring from a cloud enables the collection of diverse measuring data. Measured variables include vibration, temperature, air pressure, humidity and acceleration. Remote monitoring can cover a single machine or production line or even an entire production plant. 

With RFID solutions our customers track assets such as pallets, trays, boxes and work clothing in real time. RFID readers and tags are also used for access control and work time recording. 

This rescue control system saves vital seconds during rescue operations. We hope that we never need to use this system in a real situation. It has proven its capabilities during our evacuation drills. At best, our employees have been evacuated into protective facilities in less than ten minutes.

Kimmo Luukkonen, managing director, Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy
Sovelluskehittäjät Mine

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