Production management and quality control system for contract manufacturer of fiberglass motorboats

Fiberglass boat contract manufacturer Fenix Marin Oy uses a production management and quality control system developed by Identoi, a Sovelluskehittäjät Group member company. The solution has optimized Fenix Marin’s production process and facilitated their quality control significantly. Their factory in Valkeakoski, Finland, that produces Yamarin, Yamarin Cross and Silver Z-series motorboats, has the customized production management solution in use.

Fenix Marin has had the production management and quality control system in use now for two years.

“We explored several commercial production management systems, but they were all too massive and weren’t a good fit with our needs. Identoi developed a simpler solution that was customized to meet exactly our requirements”, states Juha Santamäki, production manager from Fenix Marin.

From manual filing to centralized management

Before the current production management system was introduced, paper forms, notebooks and images on several memory cards were used to monitor and document different production phases in Fenix Marin’s production. The idea behind the customized system was to, above all, get rid of the manual documentation. Information was scattered and finding necessary data later on was arduous.

With the new system, production processes are guided in a practical way with detailed checklists that require different steps to be marked done, required data to be collected from each step and required images saved consistently and easily to the centralized data bank. The system forces to comply with given sequence of the production process and save the required data and images. Essential measurements or checkpoints cannot be overrun or forgotten by human mistake.

Final inspection stage can easily utilize all collected data and take into account any deviations that might have occurred during the production. Product data sheets that include the full production history of the specific boat can be printed out or saved from the system.

Stable and user-friendly application

The system is easy and fluent to use with Android tablet computers or production worker’s own mobile device that has the production management application installed. The system has been very stable in production use and mobile connections in the production facilities have been immaculate. The system has been well received amongst the production personnel, without any change resistance as it makes the production work significantly simpler and assures compliance with the guidelines.

The system is planned to be developed further and expanded to include also e.g. production resource planning, procurement suggestions and inventory management.

I like the fact that the system is adaptive and customized just for us. It meets our requirements perfectly.

Juha Santamäki, Production Manager, Fenix Marin Oy